The blockchain laboratory of School of Software Technology, Zhejiang University is mainly engaged in the research and application system development of blockchain frontiers. The research directions include blockchain theory and strategy, alliance blockchain technology, public chain technology and blockchain industrialization application. The basic positioning of the laboratory is: closely follow the international academic frontier, vigorously carry out the research on the key technologies of blockchain, and actively promote the the industrialization of the research results. The research team of the laboratory includes professor Cai Liang, Liang Xiubo, Yin Keting, Li Qilei and nearly 100 graduate student in the School of Software Technology. The famous alliance blockchain platform (named Hyperchain) developed by the laboratory members ranks first in the evaluation of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China UnionPay, Shanghai Stock Exchange and other authoritative organizations. Based on the platform, the blockchain incubates a startups company Hangzhou Qulian Technology Co., Ltd., which has just completed the financing of 1.5 billion yuan. That makes the company become the most highly valued startup company in the blockchain field. Based on the research results of the laboratory, we have written several books, e.g. "blockchain technology: advancement and practice", "The source code analysis of Hyperledger Fabric", "The technical principle of Hyperledger Fabric". The laboratory is working together with Zhejiang University Press to start the first journal of blockchain, which will be published in cooperation with IEEE. The laboratory is participating in the development of blockchain standards led by China Institute of Information and Communications, China Electronics Standardization Institute, Science and Technology Department and Digital Money Research Institute in People's Bank of China, China Foreign Exchange Trading Center and authoritative institutions. The ongoing national, provincial and ministerial and enterprise business entrusted blockchain projects in the laboratory are more than ten, and the laboratory has applied for more than 20 invention patents of blockchain.