The School of Software Technology, Zhejiang University was founded on February 27, 2001. It is one of the first 35 national model software schools approved by National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Education. Zhejiang University was rated as ”First-Class” University and Software Engineering was rated as first-class discipline by National Ministry of Education in 2017, and only 5 schools of software technology had this honor in China. According to 2017 Academics Disciplines Ranking of Chinese Universities by China’s Ministry of Education, Software Engineering is in leading position in China (Ranking A+).

The school has always adhered to the way of education-research-industry cooperation to cultivate talents, and has trained a large number of applied, complex and internationalized advanced software talents. By 2016, the school had trained 5000 graduate students in software engineering. For the past five years, the employment rate of the graduates has remained above 99%. And the number of graduates with favorable salaries in Fortune 500 companies and key enterprises has reached more than 70%. Besides, the school always encourages all the facilities and students to innovate and start their own businesses, thus a group of entrepreneurial stars has emerged. Graduates have started more than 30 enterprises in Hangzhou, Ningbo and other cities, and some of them have even become one of the leaders in the field. Through the practice and further study in the School of Software Technology, many students have realized their life value, and have made important contributions to the enterprises and society.

Inheriting the motto of “Seeking Truth, Pursuing Innovation” for more than ten years, the endurance of great hardships in pioneer work has pushed the school forward. All the facilities and students have made every effort to build a professional institute with high reputation in IT field, and to create the national key base for educating software talents.