Dr. Feng’s Team Won Championship of Zhijiang Lab Cup Global AI Competition 2020

Source: 软件学院英文网 Release time: 2021-01-29 Clicks: 787

Since its official launch in the summer of 2020, Zhijiang Lab Cup Global AI Competition 2020 has attracted much attention from professionals and university students. More than 5,000 competitors of over 1,400 teams from China and abroad participated in this year’s competition. The team led by Dr. Feng Zunlei from the School of Software Technology, Zhejiang University, won the championship in the zero-sample target segmentation course with a solid lead.

Zhijiang Lab Cup Global AI Competition was held by Zhijiang Lab, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology and Artificial Intelligence Industry Alliance. This competition aims to break through the key foundation and core technology of artificial intelligence, find outstanding experts in the field of artificial intelligence, lead the development trend of artificial intelligence, and realize technological innovation in China’s artificial intelligence.

 Dr. Feng attributed the achievement to their teamwork and great effort. In the future, the team will continue to carry forward the spirit of Zhejiang University—“Seeking Truth, Pursuing Innovation”—and strive for the improvement in the core technology of China’s artificial intelligence.