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On July 5, 2019, international students went to the last partner company of the project - ANT FINANCIAL SERVICES GROUP. ANT FINANCIAL SERVICES GROUP originated from Ali-pay. With the vision of making credit equal to wealth, they strived to create an open ecosystem. Through the Internet thruster program, Ant assisted financial institutions and partners accelerate to Internet + and provided inclusive financial services for small and micro businesses and individual consumers.

The officer introduced the business ecosystem of company, including Alipay, Zhima Credit, Ant wealth and insurance etc. He also introduced company’s technical lines and technical architecture. HR emphatically introduced the international business of the ANT FINANCIAL SERVICES GROUP to the students, especially about the business of exporting the technology services to the countries along the Belt and Road and promoting the consumption mode of mobile payment. They hoped that the students could join different branches of ANT FINANCIAL SERVICES GROUP after graduation.

Finally, HR guided the overseas students around Ant’s work park and took group photos.