Lecture on Blockchain Application

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On the morning of July 5th 2019, Mr. Shi Ruiqi,Co-builder of Mykey Lab, gave a speech on Self-sovereign digital identity & Blockchain community in China for overseas students. First, Mr. Shi introduced the application of blockchain technology in the industries, such as bitcoin, smart contract, etc. He also introduced the current situation of China's virtual money market and the supervision of Chinese government on virtual monetary policy.

He pointed out that Blockchain technology was still in the exploratory and experimental stage. He also told students that Blockchain technology could be applied to any field in theory. The wide application of big data technology promoted the development of Blockchain technology. Data itself became an important resource, and it was particularly important to ensure the accuracy of data.  

At last, he shared his experience in setting up a new company, and demonstrated the virtual currency products developed by his company based on blockchain technology.