Lecture on Cloud Computing

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On the afternoon of July 4 2019, Dr. Ding Yiqun from Software Engineering Lab of Zhejiang University gave a speech about “Cloud Native Computing: Open Source Cloud Computing for Applications” to all the international students on Yuquan Campus.

The term “cloud native” started appearing in presentations at conferences around 2010. Netflix was one of the first to use the phrase to describe the concepts required to migrate existing data center-based applications to cloud environments. At Netflix, Cloud-native technologies mean a group of IT technologies to develop and operate software system that is web-scale, globally distributed, highly available and consumer facing.

Nowadays, Cloud-native technologies represent a new wave of IT technology revolution. Both IT giants like Google, Twitter, Netflix, and academic research institutions like Zhejiang University gathered together in 2015 and started the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). The mission of CNCF is to democratize a group of technologies that have already co-evolved in Google, Twitter, Netflix, etc., such a container, scheduling and orchestration, micro serVices, serVice mesh, distributed tracingThose technologies should be open source, common, not proprietary, boring, just works, from trusted source.