Visit to NetEase (Hangzhou) R&D Center

Source: 软件学院英文网 Release time: 2019-07-04 Clicks: 1163

On the morning of July 4 2019, international students visited Net-ease R&D Center in Hangzhou. Chen Wangsi, HR from NetEase, introduced the development history of NetEase.

Then the staff showed the overseas students around the Company Park and guided them to Game Action Capture Center to experience the process of making games.

Especially, some actors were invited to give professional  performance according to game scripts. And on the basis of the performance of these professional actors, stuntmen carried special equipment to imitate these actions. Then these actions were captured and processed by computer software. In order to make the computer processing effect similar to the real effect of professional performances, stuntmen and the technical processing group had to try again and again until the project director was satisfied. Through close observation and participation, international students had a deeper understanding on the game project development process, and they especially felt shocked at the high investment, long R&D time period and huge pressure of participatants in high-quality game projects.