The 5th International Graduate Summer School ZJU and the Summary Conference of the ZIERIP of Software Engineering was held successfully

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    On the evening of July 6, 2019, the 5th International Graduate Summer School and ZIERIP Summary Conference was held on the third floor of Qizhen Hotel, Zijingang Campus, Zhejiang University. Professor Cai Liang, Vice Dean of Software College of Zhejiang University, Mr. Xu Yazhou, Vice Secretary of Party Committee of Computer Science and Technology College and Software College, Professor Liu Dongzhen, International Students from MIT, Stanford University, Harvard University, Cambridge University, Singapore National University, University of California Berkeley, and Volunteers from Zhejiang University attended the conference. The conference was chaired by Harry Jiang and Stella Zhang.

    International Student Representatives Shao Hua, Wang Shu and Kivalu shared their thoughts and experiences over the past two weeks to their teachers and students. They expressed that in this project exchange, they not only penetrated into the IT field from more different perspectives, but also gained friendship and felt the profound Chinese culture. At the same time, they also shared their thoughts and aspirations with all teachers and students. They also expressed their gratitude to all the volunteers for the help they provided. VD Cai Liang then issued certificates for all international students.



Zhou Fangxun, speaking on behalf of the volunteers, said that he was honored to have the opportunity to exchange and study with students from various schools. He hopes everyone will have the opportunity to come to China and Zhejiang University again in the future. Subsequently, Mr. Xu issued a volunteer certificate to the volunteer representatives.


International students and volunteers carefully prepared performances after the course. First of all, "Sunset Avenue", by volunteer Han Yi. Team Tech GAN has brought a very hot "Burning Calories" and the atmosphere has risen with their happy singing and dancing. International students Shawn and Harry expressed their reluctance to finish the project with a affectionate song "Love Me Don't Go". Volunteer Zhang Chengxin solo zither repertoire "Yu Zhou Chang Wan", which brings you into the beautiful scene of fishermen's leisurely complacency and fishing boat's fading with the waves under the sunset. Team Spyder's "Bei’Er Shuang" pushed the audience into an interactive climax. Finally, all international students dressed in a variety of Chinese classical costumes, combined with their understanding of their own shape to show a very distinctive show.



    When we look back to the two-week ZIERIP, international students have learned advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data and block chain in Zhejiang University. They have visited representative IT companies such as Alibaba, Netease and Ant Golden Clothes, and have experienced traditional Chinese culture such as tea ceremony and Chinese Wushu. In the spiritual collision with the adults of Zhejiang, we can feel the enthusiasm and feelings of the adults of Zhejiang. In the collision and exchange with the scientific research field of Zhejiang University, we can understand the academic level of Zhejiang University. It is hoped that this event will attract more graduate students from the world's top universities to Zhejiang University for exchange and study, and enhance the international reputation and influence of Zhejiang University.