The Fifth International Summer School for Postgraduates of Zhejiang University-The Opening Ceremony of the ZIERIP was held smoothly

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On the morning of June 25, 2019, the opening ceremony of the 5th International Graduate Summer School and ZIERIP was grandly held in Lily Hotel, Hangzhou. Vice President He Lianzhen of Zhejiang University, Vice President Wang Weiyi of Human Resources Department of Alibaba, General Manager Pan Jun of IBM (Hangzhou), Senior Vice President Liu Yu of Zhejiang Daily Interactive Network Technology Co., Ltd., Vice President Yin Keting of Hangzhou Interactive Chain Technology Co., Ltd., Vice Director Wang Xiaoying of Graduate School of Zhejiang University, Vice Director Chen Weiying of International Exchange and Cooperation, and Vice Director of International Education Xu Ying, Vice President of the College, Bu Jiajun, Executive Vice President of the Software College, Secretary Peng Liping, Party Committee of the Computer College and the Software College, and other leaders and guests attended the opening ceremony. The meeting was presided over by Cai Liang, Vice President of the Software College. International students from Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Cambridge University, Singapore National University and other top universities in the world, representatives of Alibaba Company, some teachers of Software College and outstanding volunteer representatives of Zhejiang University participated in the opening ceremony.


     Vice President He Lianzhen delivers a welcoming speech

  Vice President He Lianzhen first delivered a welcoming speech on behalf of Zhejiang University. He welcomed international students from Stanford University, MIT, Harvard University, Cambridge University and other top universities in the world. President He introduced the long history and running situation of Zhejiang University, with a student size of more than 50,000. President He pointed out that Zhejiang University is located in Hangzhou and is the highland of digital economy talents in Zhejiang Province. Zhejiang University has a long-term good cooperation with enterprises and industries to create a good foundation for innovation and Entrepreneurship of Zhejiang University students. She believes that by learning and exchanging at Zhejiang University, foreign students can improve their understanding of Chinese culture and social development, and experience learning, work and life in different cultural backgrounds.


  Vice President Wang Weiyi makes the speech of welcome

    Vice President Wang Weiyi, on behalf of Alibaba Group, welcomes all international students to come to Zhejiang University for study and internship in Alibaba. In his speech, he introduced Alibaba and its mission. He pointed out that Alibaba attached great importance to cooperation with Zhejiang University. In order to attract outstanding graduate students from top universities in the world, Alibaba provided internships in international experience department, Damo College, AliCloud and other core departments with strong international atmosphere. He is convinced that the time spent in Hangzhou by foreign students participating in this activity will be a wonderful memory of their lives.


Vice President Cai Liang introduces the overview of  

Software Institute and 2019 ZIERIP

On behalf of the College of Software Technology, Vice President Cai Liang introduced the running situation of the Software Institute and the specific content of the ZIERIP in 2019. President Cai pointed out that in order to attract more international students from the world's top universities to study and exchange at Zhejiang University, the project team teachers of the College went to Stanford University, Berkeley, California, MIT and other top universities to promote the 2019 ZIERIP project. The ZIERIP project team also invited Stanford University teachers to visit Zhejiang University and Alibaba to deepen project cooperation. At the same time, I would like to thank Alibaba, IBM, Zhejiang Daily Interactive Network Science and Technology, Interest Chain Science and Technology and other cooperative enterprises. I would also like to thank the graduate school, the International Cooperation and Exchange Office and the International Institute of Education for their strong support for this project, and strive to build this project into a model platform with Zhejiang University characteristics and international cooperation between industry, University and research.


   Group Photo

  We believe that under the elaborate organization of the software institute and the Alibaba and other cooperative enterprises, the overseas students will surely experience the enthusiasm of the adults of Zhejiang, the feelings of the adults of Zhejiang, and the true scientific research level of Zhejiang University. The success of this international cooperation project in software engineering provides a platform for students of different cultures and backgrounds to exchange and learn, and further expands the international reputation and influence of Zhejiang University.