Professor Chuck Eesley from Stanford Technology Ventures Program visited the College of Software Technology

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On the morning of March 6, 2019, the International Symposium on Blockchain Technology of Zhejiang University was held at the Shao Yifu Building in Yuquan Campus. Participants include Chuck Eesley, the core member of Stanford Technology Ventures Program (STVP) and Associate Professor of Management Science and Engineering College; Dr. You Wu; Liang Cai, Vice President of the College of Software Technology, Zhejiang University; Dongzhen Liu, Director of International Affairs Office; Foreign Secretory Siyu Cai and Dr. Qilei Li, etc. 


The meeting was chaired by Vice President Liang Cai. In his welcome speech, VD Cai introduced the situation of their visit to Stanford University at the end of last year, and the discussion with Professor PAMELA J.HINDS, who is also the Director of Global Engineering Programs, and Manager Ming Luo, on further deepening cooperation and exchanges.


The Foreign Secretary of the College, Ms. Siyu Cai, introduced the development history of Zhejiang University and the College of Software Technology and the project planning of the College. Dr. Qilei Li introduced the research team structure of Zhejiang University Blockchain Technology Center and highlighted the introduction of the current development of the blockchain infrastructure technology and industrial application on the principle of “Domestic, Autonomous, Controllable and Impeccable”. Professor Eesley expressed great interest in this part. Professor Eesley introduced the research results of his team and highlighted the project plan of STVP, with the hope that Stanford University and Zhejiang University will be able to unite in the direction of science and technology entrepreneurship in the future.


The two sides then discussed in depth on the possible future cooperation directions and research projects. The meeting was a complete success.