The 2019 Annual Academic Sysposium of Zhejiang University-Zhongjinsuo Technology Company Blockchain Technology Joint Laboratory was successfully held in Shanghai

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Nowadays, a new round of scientific and technological revolution represented by new technologies such as blockchain has brought about profound changes in the financial landscape and has unprecedentedly challenged traditional financial enterprises. In October 2018, Zhejiang University and Zhongjinsuo Technology Company established the "Zhejiang University-Zhongjinsuo Technology Company BlockChain Technology Joint Laboratory"(hereinafter called "Joint Lab" in short), according to the principle of "complementary advantages, cooperation, and innovation". The establishment of the Joint Lab aims to promote the future core technology’s research and application and talent cultivation in the blockchain field through school-enterprise cooperation and combine the advantages of both sides to better support the large-scaled and high-efficient application of blockchain technology at enterprise-level.


Recently, the 2019 Annual Academic Symposium of the Joint Lab was held in Shanghai. Participant delegates included Liang Cai, the Vice Dean of the College of Software Technology, Zhejiang University; Dr. Keting Yin, the Deputy Director of the Joint Lab; Shuai Zhang, General Manager of the Pre-sales Business Department of Hangzhou Fun Chain Technology; and Dahai Yang, Director of Sales Department, etc. Those delegates were invited to participate and were warmly welcomed by enterprise leaders such as Jidong Lu, the general manager and Jian Gao, the chief engineer of Zhongjinsuo Technology Company. The participants made a phased summary on the joint lab's 2018 blockchain project and opened the 2019 annual study topics and discussed in depth.


Firstly, the Zhejiang University staff reported on the research project, focusing on the project highlights, summarizing the results of the project, and looking forward to the future work. Their research project is technologically advanced, functionally complete, and user-friendly, and has been unanimously recognized by the judges present. Subsequently, the project leader of Zhongjinsuo Technology Company introduced the work plan for 2019. The two parties hope to closely combine the blockchain research and the financial frontline demand to jointly promote the development of blockchain basic technology and serve the financial market.


During the seminar, Dr. Keting Yin from Zhejiang University gave a special report to the participants, introducing the teacher resources, technical achievements, teaching practices and project results developed jointly by the Zhejiang University and cooperators in the blockchain field. As a research university, Zhejiang University is committed to high-level talent cultivation and technology investment. In order to further study the underlying technology of the blockchain, the first school-level "Zhejiang University Blockchain Research Center" was established last year, and several professional textbooks on bolckchain were successively published. At the same time, courses such as “blockchain and digital currency” have been opened for undergraduates and graduate students.


Finally, professors and experts from Zhejiang University exchanged their views with industry executives to discuss the application and understanding of blockchain in the financial field and put forward some valuable questions and suggestions on the working ideas of the blockchain technology Joint Lab. In the follow-up work, the Joint Lab will continue to conduct in-depth research and cooperation, actively explore the application of blockchain frontier technology in the financial field, accelerate the breakthrough of blockchain technology based on actual financial situation, establish industrial benchmarks, and truly realize the goal that blockchain energizes finance.