Cisco International Internship Program

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What is CIIP?

1-year International Intern Program 

•Goal: Build Cisco's workforce internationally 

•Available to select international universities only 

•Source top-quality students at all levels: BS/MS/PhD 

•Interns work in Cisco USA for 1 year 

•Interns work alongside Cisco engineers 

•Cisco recruits students once, hires them twice

Student Eligibility

•Students must: 

    –Be approved by university 

        –Be working in relevant subject area 

        –Relocate for internship 

    –Return to university after their internship

•Prerequisite: Students must obtain US J1 visa  

    –Visa assistance provided via CIIP program

Student Responsibilities

•Report to a manager at Cisco 

•Follow Cisco employee code-of-conduct, etc. 

•Sign employment & confidentiality agreements 

•Must return home for 2 years after internship

•Success is based on performance: 

    –Cisco doesn’t promise permanent hire up-front 

         –Students don’t have to promise to work for Cisco later

CIIP Support for Interns

•US visa assistance 

•Air travel to/from USA 

•High-quality housing in USA 

•Health Insurance 


•The Program Management for CIIP is executedin partnership with the University via: 

    –Policy:  Designated Member of Academic Staff 

        –Program:  Designated University Program Manager

Application Process

1.Students apply vis website (we will inform ZJU of your application and work together) 

2.University will short-list good applicants 

3.Cisco interviews –Cisco China & ZJU –US Program Managers –US Hiring Manager 

4.Offer Travel to US in July